Interactive RISE workshops train health care professionals about the ­mechanisms that trigger human stress reactions for the purpose of developing alternative responses. Participants will engage in practices designed to:

  • Elicit stress reactions in a safe environment
  • Increase self-awareness about how we react under pressure
  • Train healthier responses to unwanted habitual reactions

Specifically, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the human body’s general physiological reactions under stressful conditions
  • Recognize their own unique reactions to perceived stress
  • Pinpoint typical conditions that trigger their unique stress reactions
  • Develop alternative responses
  • Practice somatic awareness to provide a wider range of options under stressful conditions

The result is the ability to practice behavioral change that promotes patience, active listening and increases self-control and awareness of the environment; that develops compassion and maintains open communication; and that enhances self-care.

The RISE curriculum covers topics such as:

  • Thought Patterns: How does intention change interaction?
  • Boundaries: How do you establish your bottom line?
  • Requests: How do you make a request comfortably?
  • Requests: How do you say no?
  • Change: How do you adapt to change?
  • Pressure: How do you handle the unexpected?
  • Relationships: How do you establish connection & cultivate compassion?

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