The body is a gateway to increasing awareness of our instinctual reactions under pressure and developing thoughtful alternatives

RISE workshops focus on change at the individual level by providing practical tools for developing embodied self-awareness and practicing alternative responses. When we can identify our unique somatic reaction patterns we can practice alternative responses that calm the nervous system and allow us to engage in behavior based on choice, rather than reaction to perceived threat. Somatic training and embodied self-awareness foster the ability to:

  • Know and understand our values and boundaries

  • Be compassionate without sacrificing self-care

  • Focus and be present despite environmental pressures

The ultimate outcome is improvement in both performance and satisfaction in work and social environments.

RISE workshops provide education and engage participants in exercises that are easily practiced and hands-on tools that can be incorporated into the workday. The work is introduced in a format as compact as a 1-day intensive, or as a series of mini-courses over a number of weeks that allow participants experience and practice for an extended period.

The ultimate intention of each RISE training is to provide tools that, owing to their simplicity and practicality, are planted among individuals and subsequently seeded throughout an organization.

What Does RISE Do?