Director: RISE, Trainer/Facilitator, Occupational Therapist

Kimberly Woodland is a practicing occupational therapist in acute care and director of the US based non-profit organization RISE, providing resilience training for individuals dedicated to helping others in their professions. She has a master’s degree in occupational therapy, where she discovered her passion for providing client-driven care. RISE emerged in response to the understanding that the pressures of the current health care environment are negatively impacting both workplace satisfaction and positive client outcome. Kimberly’s unique perspective stems from diverse experiences including 30 years in the non-violent martial art of Aikido, meditation, and the practice of Leadership Embodiment*, resulting in an approach based on the belief that physiological reactions are at the frontline for creating positive change in personal & professional development. Kimberly’s experience includes workshop facilitation, group facilitation, teaching, and public speaking. Kimberly was the owner of a successful graphic design firm specializing in developing communication strategies that met the core needs of both the client and the audience.




Dolano Arthur is a third-degree black belt in Aikido and brings a unique perspective to RISE through her role as founder, director, and chief instructor of the martial arts school Aikido Kids of Tamalpais as well as her work on the leadership team for the adult program at Aikido of Tamalpais. Dolano’s primary teacher has been Wendy Palmer, founder of Leadership Embodiment*, for 27 years, and she incorporates insights and practices from the Strozzi Institute’s embodied leadership and somatic coaching training program into her work. She also brings to RISE the skills and experience from her private practice, Louder than Words, an integrative coaching methodology that trains adults to notice and interpret the physiological responses of the body in order to maintain self-awareness and equilibrium in any situation.



Guest SpeakerKHJK_image

Karin Karis is a somatic coach* and founder of Ki to Change, the Netherlands based company providing executive and group leadership training. Ki to Change is based on the assumption that organizations can contribute to personal and social well-being. Karin’s work results in sustainable team and individual change by cultivating work environments that encourage self-awareness, foster mutual understanding, and create connection to the greater organizational mission. Karin has over 25 years of experience in the areas of health care, personal development, workshop facilitation, change management, and physical awareness. As an expert rehabilitation occupational therapist, physiotherapist, and second-degree black belt in the non-aggressive martial art of Aikido, Karin’s approach stems from the perspective that lasting change can only occur when the emotional, intuitive, and intellectual aspects of self are engaged. Karin’s background also includes extensive work with the Strozzi Institute’s* embodied leadership and somatic coaching training program and motivational interviewing. Karin’s clients have included Danone Benelux, Heineken, ANWB, Plus Supermarket, Engie, and Rabobank, as well as various educational organizations.

* Both Leadership Embodiment (see ) and the Strozzi Institute’s somatic coaching (see ) involve working through the body to recognize established behavioral patterns and develop alternative responses to manage pressure more effectively.